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How It All Started

As a resident of Elbert County, Colorado I was unhappy with my options for internet service and wanted to do something about it. I'd been an entrepreneur for years, having owned my own business since I was 21. So in the summer of 2002, I decided to start up a wireless internet company and founded DirectLink. I thought I could fill a need for High-Speed Internet in the rural neighborhoods. We started with one tower and a handful of customers. Since then, we have built our company up to serve several thousand customers and Service covering thousands of square miles in Colorado. Counties like Douglas, Elbert, Arapahoe and Jefferson, to name a few.
Now we serve, not only the rural areas, but also metropolitain neighborhoods. Our customers range from small households to big businesses. We have become a dynamic company with a great reputation for taking care of our customers. Taking pride in what we do and what we have accomplished keeps us striving to perform and deliver a service that we can always be proud of.
We are proud to be a locally owned business, and to be working and living in the community we serve.
– Jim Carey, founder