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Mobile Ready

Fri 10, 2015 11:05 AM

Mobile Ready
Improve user experience: Directlink now has mobile enabled website designed for smartphones and tablets

meaning the user doesn’t need to trawl through a desktop website on their hand held devices. We enabled

our sites Mobile readyness to improve users’ levels of satisfaction in their experience with Directlink

Billing and Portal needs, we hope this creates another positive experience to surf with Directlink.


Over 1.08 billion smartphones in the world with the majority of the market share being owned by Android or

iPhone. In 2011 84% of smartphone users around the world used their mobile phone to browse the internet on

a daily basis and this percentage has since increased. More and more businesses Like Directlink are

ensuring that they are engaging with their target market via the mobile phone devices. One way to do this

is to ensure that Directlink’ website is mobile enabled, meaning it is optimized for smartphones and

tablets to display. It is important that we embrace this new technology otherwise you could lose out on

potential promotions and website mobility while on the go.