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Installation Process

Scope of Installation

What to expect: our installers will do a site survey to figure out the best location to install the equipment. After they have discussed the location and answered your questions to make sure you understand and agree to the work to be done and the location of the equipment we will begin installation.

The installation includes

·         Pre-Install Survey for best service

·         Up to 3 hours of labor

·         Up to 75’ of Cat 5 Cable

·         DirectLink Equipment to be installed includes 1 of the following:

o    Subscriber Module, Mounting bracket/Arm, Grounding Block, Power Pack and Cat5 Cable, Wall Jack

·         Connecting One Device and Router

·         Installation may include, without limitation, drilling holes in exterior walls for cable runs. Installation of a Dish on the property this may include the roof in order to gain a signal, a non-penetrating roof mount, Tri-pod or Dish Stabilizer

Responsibility: DirectLink Installers will not be held responsible for moving any furniture or valuables. DirectLink Installer will not move install or alter any electrical outlets. We do not use existing cable or equipment if prewiring is used all equipment warranties are null and void.

Safety: To ensure the health and safety of our employees, DirectLink LLC reserves the right to refuse or reschedule work due to unsafe conditions which includes, without limitation, extreme weather, natural disasters, unhealthy living conditions. Unopened gates, unleashed dogs or other livestock or the existence of other hazards. 

Installation Authorization: I understand that an adult least 18 years of age or older must be present on the premises at all times during the installation until all work is complete.

Additional Parts and Labor: All additional parts and labor will be billed for at the time of install.

Lath & Plaster: DirectLink LLC cannot warrant the installations involving lath and plaster walls will not result in cracks on the wall. DirectLink will do our best to eliminate the possibility but due to the nature of that type of construction, you agree that DirectLink will not be responsible for any resulting damage to your wall.

Router: You will need to supply your own router for DirectLink service to work. We do not support all routers as they do not work well. Here is a list of the routers we do support: 

If you have any questions, please give us a call.  We look forward to doing business with you.