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Speed Test

Check your connection speed here



Please be aware that many factors may affect the speed results.

Concurrent Internet activity on your connection
If you have other applications, users, smart phones etc. consuming bandwidth this will affect the results.

The use of proxy servers
If you are using, say, your corporate network at your place of work, there is a big chance that you are behind a proxy server. This, with NAT (network address translation), can affect the speed test results, because there are some special checks and additional activity at the proxy server.

Simultaneous tests being run on the same server
Obviously, the more there are speed tests being done on one server, the more jammed the connection to it is. As a result, test results will be affected.

PC Hardware and operating system
This can greatly affect results on a speed test. How old your PC is, what version of Windows or MAC it has,  how much memory it has, what type of browser you are using etc.