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Business Broadband

DirectLink’s High Speed Internet & VoIP an Affordable Solution for Your Business

DirectLink provides access to the internet with fast, reliable connections! DirectLink can provide you with what you need to run your office whether you’re working from home or a commercial site.

Choose from our Business Plans or have a Plan customized for your Business Needs.

Starting at $79 95 MO
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  • Scaleable Bandwidth
  • Multicarrier Network
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Fast, Reliable Always Connected
  • 100% Cambium Network
  • Point to Point Platform
  • Consistent & Predictable Coverage
  • Stream Videos, Movies, TV & Music
  • Digital Phone Capability
  • Multi-Line VoIP Phones
  • Auto Attendant Service
  • Video Conference Calling Capable
  • Business Install/Setup $169.95
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Home/Small Office
Custom Plan

Home/Small Office

$79 95 MO

Includes 4 E-mail Accounts

Connection Speeds up to 5Mbps

Gold Business Service

$119 95 MO

Includes 6 E-mail Accounts

Connection Speeds up to 15Mbps

Platinum Business Service

$199 95 MO

Includes 8  E-mail Accounts

Connection Speeds up to 20Mbps

Custom Plan for Your Business Needs

We can customize a package to fit  your Companies Needs.

Speeds up to 200Mbps and Beyond

Scalable Bandwidth, VoIP Phone packages with Auto Attendant

Get what you need, get what fits your Company.