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The Future is fiber and the Future is Now!

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Get the Highspeed you need today!

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Streaming More?

Don't worry DirectLink's got your back so you can watch all the shows you can handle!

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Smart Internet for Smart TV's

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State of the Art WiFi!

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Sharing is Caring!

With DirectLink there is plenty of data for everyone!

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DirectLink connects people and things to the world

Communication services and online applications grow smarter and more dynamic every day. Rapidly evolving entertainment, business productivity, industrial, healthcare, At Home Learning, and many more applications are transforming the lives of people around the world.

DirectLink has invested years in deploying our Fiber and Wireless network planning for the future and by doing so has enabled us to launch our next generation fiber to the home network across Elbert and Douglas County. DirectLink has partnered with some of the leading innovators in Fiber, Wireless and Wi-Fi-6 certified technologies to ensure the best user experience.

The time has come to join our next generation network

It’s exciting to be a consumer of the limitless innovation that is only a click away. ​

DirectLink delivers a diverse network with the agility of the data center, adapted to the realities of the outside world. Built from the ground up to support today’s and Future network demands.

  • Scalable and resource optimized
  • Programmable and automated
  • Self-healing and operationally simple
  • Independent from the access technology


Business Wireless

500 Mbps

Speeds up to 500 Mps and more included data upgrades available

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Residential Wireless

40 Mbps

Speeds up to 40 Mbps and more included data upgrades available

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Fiber Broadband

1000 Mbps

Speeds up to 1000 Mbps and more included data upgrades available

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Dogs of DirectLink

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“Thank you for the wonderful service. I have been extremely pleased with the service provided and the customer service you have provided.”

Tracy Elbert, Denver, CO

My installation was completed and all is working well! Your installer did a very nice job, very professional and efficient. Thank you,

Bill S., Elizabeth, CO

Wow, DirectLink is like night and day compared to the other guys! Our technician was amazing and professional. Now running our home-based business is much easier and our whole family is much, much happier.

Lana S., Elizabeth, CO


August 04, 2021

Fiber is Here!