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PinPoint Mapping Coverage

February 18, 2020

Our Mapping system displays all our Tower sites which best determines your exact location and connection speeds to the nearest tower site, This allows us quick response times when dealing with new customer installs, Thus an Email delivered with all the options so we can help determine the best link and tower option to optimize your install. A Map is displayed on the web site so that clients can check for new viable internet options without a phone call, Also new customers can interact with the form with very little effort to see if they qualify for DirectLink Services at any area on their property. This mapping checks and verifies line of sight "L.O.S" using GPS technology from any tower site within .5 to 10 miles of the address requested, Easy entry and customer interaction gives prospective clients good indication of what services they have to their home or business and direction and mileage to the tower. Once the form is submitted an email is sent to all Directlink Sales coordinators and a swat team responses are scheduled out with quicker than normal phone call interactions .