The Point to Point Difference

DirectLink provides exceptional wireless broadband using Point-to-Point technology

DirectLink's point-to-point network provides reliable, secure and cost-effective connectivity. Our network is built tough and performs even in the most demanding environment and under the most difficult temperatures and weather conditions. Using licensed and unlicensed frequency bands to deliver exceptional Line-of-Sight, near-Line-of-Site and sometimes Non-Line-of-Site Coverage. Our PTP delivers speeds to support in demand bandwidth for both residential and business access, streaming video and VoIP.


In addition to a highly evolved feature set including GPS synchronization and advanced scheduling algorithms, the PMP 450 platform also features groundbreaking cnMedusa™ technology. cnMedusa provides massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) capability in a cost-effective PMP solution. This truly leading-edge innovation utilizes not only nearly infinite beamforming patterns in both the uplink and downlink but massive MU-MIMO in each direction as well. Uplink MU-MIMO is something that no standards-based protocol supports today and is a unique feature for the fixed wireless industry. cnMedusa increases capacity per sector by allowing simultaneous data transfer to multiple subscriber modules (SM) within a sector. cnMedusa technology is available on the PMP 450m Access Points (AP) for the 5 GHz and 3 GHz bands around the globe, and it is certified for use in the new CBRS (U.S.) spectrum.


Our PMP 450 networks excel at interference mitigation. Our solutions’ unique and powerful modulation scheme significantly improves the quality of data delivery and effectively mitigates interference from other systems of virtually every shape and spectrum. The system avoids self-interference by synchronizing all transmit and receive signals in the network via the Global Positioning System (GPS).


The PMP 450m AP is one of the most scalable, highest-capacity and spectrally efficient APs in the industry. cnMedusa is a first-of-its-kind technology in a fixed wireless broadband access platform. The 450m utilizes MU-MIMO technology in a cost-effective solution. The implementation of MU-MIMO coupled with beamforming technology delivers groundbreaking spectral efficiency and outstanding performance in high-interference environments.


Enhanced user experiences with the PMP 450 providing the fast upload and download speeds your workforce needs: Capable of up to 300 Mbps aggregate data throughput . Of course, speeds on any network are affected by several factors so actual upload/download speeds may vary, but the ability to offer an incredible broadband experience is inherent in the system.


Our wireless broadband PMP solutions allow network operators to provide their end users with the communications and applications they need to maximize productivity. Streaming live video of a fire scene to public safety officers. Transmitting modified work orders to workers already on the job. Delivering high-speed interactive gaming for commercial subscribers on multiple devices. Our PMP networks’ robust performance and extremely low latency make these and countless other in-demand applications highly efficient and exceptionally cost-effective. Among the reasons is a wide range of benefits that help you enable and sustain your business.


Workforces are more mobile. To maximize productivity, workers must have access to the communications and information they rely on, not just when they need it, but where they need it. Our PMP wireless technologies combine field-proven reliability with high-speed performance data, voice and video communications that help you empower your workforce wherever they are.


Customer security is an important issue for DirectLink. We use a variety of authentication standards including end-to-end authentication using PKM-EAP (Privacy Key Management-Extensible Authentication Protocol) methodology which relies on the TLS standard of public key encryption. PKM-EAP defines how the Base Station and Subscriber Station can establish a shared secret that is used for authentication. In addition, all customer terminals associated with DirectLink’s access points are registered and synchronized by both frequency and clock timing in order to transmit and receive data. Additionally, data is transmitted using encryption to add an extra layer of security.


PMP450 wireless networks will enable your organization to deploy and extend high-speed communications faster and much more cost-effectively than fiber or wired solutions. Our networks significantly reduce the cost of deployment and speed time to market, allowing for installation in a matter of days or weeks as opposed to months or years for wired solutions. The platform’s exceptionally low acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance costs result in substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as delivery of ROI in just six to twelve months

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My installation was completed and all is working well! Your installer did a very nice job, very professional and efficient. Thank you,
Bill S., Elizabeth, CO
To whom it may concern, I would like to take a few minutes and recognize one of your outstanding employees. Grant showed up approximately 30 minutes early to a 1 pm install appointment. This in itself is merely unheard of in the business world! After meeting Grant, I was beyond impressed with his professionalism and technical knowledge. He explained everything in detail and made me feel comfortable about the product we were receiving. Grant spoke very highly of Direct Link and is a tremendous asset to your company. I hope you can find a way to recognize him for his outstanding service. I was able to find out that he was a fellow Navy submarine guy and we were able to share stories while he worked on installing my home! Best to all the Direct Link family and especially to one of your best employees, Grant!
Tim Y, Parker , CO
DirectLink had me up and running with above their advertised speeds! Giving me the pleasure of watching 1080p videos and fast downloads even in my rural area!
Stephen B., Elbert, CO